We’re excited to announce that Tina’s Toy Factory, an App Campus game, was released on September 2nd on the Windows Phone.

Tina’s Toy Factory is a puzzle game similar to other match 3 type games where you match three crates of the same color to break the crates and release a toy part.  You then match toy parts to create toys.  Once you make a toy, you have to move it to the conveyor belt to package the toy and get credit for it.


TTF has fifty-five different levels with unique objectives and twenty five unique toys to make.  On some levels you make toys, on others you try to achieve a certain amount of points, or clear striped squares.


Hints & Tips:

1) Toy parts are only formed on a few of the middle columns. The crate you swipe is where a toy part is dropped so try to form parts on the same column to make it easier to get the pieces together.

2) Match four crates of the same color to make a striped crate powerup.  The direction you swipe to create the power up determines the stripe direction.  Vertical stripes are useful for clearing a column containing a completed toy and dropping the toy to the conveyor belt.

3) Match five crates of the same color to make the hammer powerup.  This powerup can be swiped with any color crate to remove all crates from the map of that color.  Swiping this powerup with a striped crate turns all crates of that color into striped powerups.  Swiping a hammer powerup onto a toy part turns all parts into completed toys.

4) The crane tool located in the tray area can move any piece to another location.  To use the crane, swipe the crane from the tray to the piece you want to move and release. The crane will then pickup that piece. Then swipe that piece to another location and the crane will swap the two pieces.

5) The reshuffle tool shuffles the board and is useful for when there are few moves remaining.

6) The paintbrush tool can change the color of any crate. To use this tool, press on the tool and the color tray will appear.  Swipe the paintbrush to the color you want and then release it over the crate you wish to paint.

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