Honor and Duty: D-Day Development Blog – April 3rd

It seems we’ve been a little slack lately with updates about the progress to Honor & Duty: D-Day as well as the original AE version.  We’ve been working primarily on the replacement to the middleware which we anticipate will fix the framerate issue and allow us to more easily make changes. This coding is being developed inside AE but will be the basis for D-Day so we’re actually working on 2 games at once.

We currently have replaced the inventory system, weapon system, online player management system, and just this past week we finished replacing the online game management system. We still have about 10 items on the to-do list before it would be ready for deploying but we’re pretty much past the hard parts.

We’ve also been working on the vehicle system for D-Day and have just posted a video showing the latest state of the tanks.  In this video, you can see we now have the periscope system and the hatches working.  Most positions in the tank have both a sitting and standing spot.  When you stand up, the hatch opens automatically and you can see out of the hatch. This gives the best view from the tank but during combat, it’s much safer to drop back down inside the tank with a closed hatch.  Inside, you have to rely on the periscopes.  You can see the periscope view when looking at the eyepiece but it’s not a very clear view. If you lean in to the eyepiece, it will switch to actually looking through the periscope and you get a better view.

The video also shows the beginnings of the tank driving course.  This is an offline mode where you can practice driving and shooting in tanks and build up your proficiency.  You will have to navigate a course in a certain amount of time to get your tank certification. Once you have this, you can use tanks in online play that are designated for any players.

Our current plan for D-Day vehicles is to have a small amount of general purpose vehicles that are not owned by any players and anyone who has a certification for that vehicle can enter that vehicle.  Players can use cash they earn in matches to permanently purchase vehicles that can be spawned once into a match. If they are destroyed, they are gone until the next match.  Vehicles owned by a player cannot be used by players unless the owner grants them permission.  Players do not need a certification for using private vehicles if the owner grants them permission.

Players will also be able to rent vehicles for matches.  The cost for renting will be much lower than purchasing and if successfully used, these vehicles can earn back more than their rental cost.  This will be a form of renting to own in a way.  Vehicles will earn more points and cash for destroying other vehicles and structures so the there will be an incentive for tanks to not focus on infantry.


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