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The 2nd phase of the open beta just wrapped up and things started off a little rough with some frame rate issues and a few bugs but after a few patches things went pretty well. We had made a number of changes to the move controller schemes and it seemed like they were better but still problematic with the two control modes. We managed to get the frame rate back up to a playable level but it still wasn’t where it needs to be. We worked on the Battle Royale mode as well and fixed some issues with it and added loot dropping near the end. It seems there is still division over the BR mode with some wanting an option to only play it and other wanting an option to avoid it.

Our big priority right now is getting the frame rate up to a solid 60. Currently, the frame rate is easily in this range without any players. This means that rendering wise, we shouldn’t have any issues as adding 32 player meshes doesn’t increase the rendering load very much compared to what we’re already rendering in the scene. What it does add is a load in the networking, in physics calculations, animations, and general script processing. None of these areas should be too difficult to optimize to get us to the frame rate we want. The biggest culprit at the moment is with the physics calculations and we’ve been struggling to determine the problem area. Once we do, we should see a noticeable improvement right away.

We altered the Move controller scheme so that buttons control turning and pressing the move button moves you forward in mode 1. Mode 2 still functioned like a joystick which allows for rapid movement changes and easy strafing. It seems like there was a bit of confusion with the 2 modes and people would often switch between them unintentionally. The only advantage to mode 1 was it allowed players to hold a weapon with 2 hands which we thought a lot would want. It seems there was less demand for this and we’re currently planning to do away with 2 modes and just have one mode. In this mode, the primary move will hold the main weapon and the secondary move will hold a sidearm. The move button on the primary will move forwards and the move button on the secondary will move backwards. Turning will still be controlled with the circle and X buttons on the primary. This isn’t set in stone so please let us know your thoughts on this.

For the Battle Royale game mode, we have a lot of people wanting to be able to choose whether they play or don’t play this mode. We were initially hesitant to do this since we want to avoid splitting the player base. It seems like this is going to be unavoidable and we’re currently planning to have a BR mode only and then all of the other game modes. We’ll probably drop the outcast system and just have people join the next lobby since outcasts were designed to keep the lobbies in tact. We’ll probably let players fight in the lobby and earn points until the match starts. We were able to get loot dropping in and for the next round we’ll have crates and supply drops working as well. We’re also planning to have med kits and armor be items you can carry and use as needed.

We’re open to feedback so please post in the forums or comment below if you have any suggestions or feedback on our current roadmap.

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8 thoughts on “Honor and Duty: D-Day Development Blog”

  1. Hello Reggie,
    Playing the Beta in VR with standard PS4 is a total blast! Congratulations to all the team, specially for the Great Aim Controller Implementation ! Hope you guys can release this game asap as it is a must have for any PSVR owner.

  2. Congratulations (again :]) for the game, is a lot of fun! Hope the team can polish this brute gem so it becomes one of the top PSVR games out there.

    Hope this is the right place to post some feedback… Tweeter does not allow to put more than a few words.

    I have some few questions after playing the beta during this weekend:

    – What about classes? What the engineer does (can drop ammo?) and The medic? I see a pointer with a yellow cross as an overlay pointing in a direction sometimes but I do not understand the mechanics. Can she drop heal packs? Do classes have different abilities apart from the different load-outs?

    – Weapons and Game character models. Would we get (with time) custom character models for classes and factions (allied/axis). Also will make sense that depending on the side your weapons are limited to the faction you are in.

    -Weapons Balance. Some of the weapons look overpowered compared to others, for example STG 44 is, by far, the best overall weapon in the game IMO.

    Sure thing you guys have been thinking already about all this stuff I just do not find enough info about the game, or a manual. I know, it is still a Beta hehehe. :]

    Is there any place we can get more info about the actual gameplay and road map?

    Thank you very much, keep the good work!

  3. I’ve been playing CoD for 11 years and with bo4 being the opposite of what used to make CoD great, I find greatness in honor and duty.. simplistic, boots on ground, fast-paced, great snipers and that’s all my friends and I want in a shooter, warface could be great too but if feels clunky. I like how honour of war doesn’t limit my movement as an aggressive player. I don’t think developers understand… limiting players takes away any motivation to get good because there’s no skill gap to work towards then.

    Things that would greatly improve this game.

    -A killfeed like CoD 4, killfeeds are SO important. It is important for it to be almost identical because there is a huge community who bases standards that go into YouTube montages off a killfeed. These YT videos will help get your game out there.
    -Kill Point Stacking for Multi’s, this again goes with the fun of standards and montages. A multikill is a goal players can have when they game, a multi kill point stack makes for a great clip for a montage.

    I’m sure you guys will slowly improve the graphics in the future. I’m loving the lobbies full of people and it’s quite a smooth game. I think it has a lot of potential. Also

    -Theatre Mode so players can go back and watch a clip and share it with their friends, I know this is abit advanced to implement into a simplistic game but it’s a huge social aspect of gaming and it should be implemented in my opinion to all games. Social media is powerful and theatre mode helps people not to feel like their wasting time since they can store interesting gameplays and share it.

    If you want anymore detail in feedback feel free to email me. ilireapzz@gmail.com

    Love your guys work so far can’t wait to see what you do in the future.

  4. Hey Grajo, while the forums is the best place, it’s fine to leave us comments here. First off, thanks for playing and it’s great to hear you enjoyed the beta. On the classes, the medic’s healing is not quite finished but you can currently heal teammates by standing near them. The engineer will be able to repair vehicles, plant C4, and wield the flame thrower. The heavy has more health and is the only class that can wield the rocket launcher and use a sawed off shotgun as a sidearm. The assault class can carry every weapon except the flame thrower and rocket launcher.

    We do have a lot more character models and we plan to let you choose your character independent of class eventually.

    Yes, the STG is a little overpowered and now that we’ve got a lot of gameplay time in, we’ll be making some weapon tweaks soon.

    Thanks again for the feedback!

  5. Hey, just want to say how much I’ve loved playing this game and I can’t wait for it to be released. It’s great fun in vr and I even had some well cool chats with people while playing, I never normally talk in games! I loved the new capture the flags mode. I didn’t care for BR mode though. Best fun I’ve had in vr and look forward to buying it the second it’s out. Thanks 🙂

  6. Hey Paper-wings, it’s great to hear you enjoyed the game. Yea, Battle Royale will be a separate mode as it seems people either love it or hate it. Thanks for the feedback and we’ll be posting updates on Twitter as things progress.

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