Honor and Duty: Arcade Edition update releases on 2/20/18

The Honor and Duty: Arcade Edition update which adds VR support as well as support for the aim controller has been a long time in the making. It’s finally going to release in just a few days on 2/20. Unfortunately, due to some mishap, the store has it currently listed as supporting VR a few days early. We discovered this and notified support on Friday. Due to the holiday on Monday and turn around times, there was no way they could get it corrected and set back up to go live on Tuesday.  For anyone who has purchased the game expecting VR, don’t worry, it’s only a few days away. We apologize for the confusion and hope everyone enjoys the update when it releases.

5 thoughts on “Honor and Duty: Arcade Edition update releases on 2/20/18”

  1. So i bought the game for vr and played it, Multiplayer mainly. Aim shooter control works pretty good. The few things i would say is the uniform colors can make it hard to tell whos who. Lighter gray for axis would be better. Also noticed when you get around 6-10 people the game gets a lil jittery. Also would be nice to have a few random spawn points. As its easy for. Players to spawn kill. Any posibility of a name overhead would be nice. I know your a team mainly of one, good job.

    1. Glad you liked the game. Yes, names above the player heads and spawn camping are on the short list of things to fix. We’re already working on the frame rate issue which didn’t show up in testing. I have an idea what’s causing it and may have a fix today if it’s what I think it is. Thanks for the feedback.

      1. Hey, Reggie.

        Loving the VR Update so far! Well done and great job.

        I’ve seen you mention some upcoming fixes already, and some plans for the future, which is great to see!

        I wrote up a nice list compiling suggestions from the community, as well as issues that I’ve noticed that you might be able to address in the future, and I’d love the pass the list along. I tried the contact page, but it seems to be out-of-commission right now. Is there a better way to send off the info? Thanks for all your hard work giving us our first 5v5 FPS Multiplayer game with the Aim controller on PSVR!


  2. Yes, we just submitted it for it’s PEGI rating which takes about 5 days. After it gets a rating, we can submit it to Sony for QA. If it passes without issue, it will be on the store within about 2 weeks of the initial submission. We’ll be posting an approximate date later today on the site.

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