Honor and Duty: Arcade Edition Development Blog

This week our efforts have been focused on fixing the framerate issues that occur in MP matches with a large number of players. It appears that there are a number of items causing the drops and we’ve found several so far. At this point, it’s improved but still occurring at times.  We also believe we have the 5 second invincibility fixed and we’ll move the spawn points back to their original spots once we confirm it’s working.

Some of the remaining issues such as the player orientations are related to the middleware we’re using.  We suspect the middleware is also contributing to some of the lingering framerate issues as well.  In order to continue fixing and improving things, we need to start work on replacing the middleware which will not be as quick as the last 2 patches. This will achieve two things at once though, we’ll fix issues with the current game while at the same time moving forwards with the sequel. The last few weeks have been focused on a lot of items that really only benefit the current game and we really need to start focusing our efforts on D-Day.

The first component we’re replacing is the networking and we’ve already made some good progress in that area.  The next area will be the weapon handling, firing, and hit detection sections. Once we have most of this ready, we’ll begin moving it into Arcade Edition which will help fix a number of issues, most noticeably some problems with hit detection.  We recently discovered that the middleware has some architectural issues that can cause hit detection to be really off.

By the end of April, we’ll be looking to add a new map and some new weapons. We already have a M2 Browning heavy machine gun which will be exclusive to the Heavy class.  We’re currently looking at some map options and have an outdoor map similar to the canyon but with a couple of bases and we have an interior warehouse type map. Let us know if you have any preferences.

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