Hosting Overview
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There are typically three types of hosting that companies require; Web, DNS, and E-mail.

  • DNS hosting is the service of making a registered domain name "work" on the Internet.
  • Website hosting is the service of making a website available on the Internet.
  • E-mail hosting is the service of providing e-mail accounts for a specific domain name.
To provide these services requires Web, DNS, and E-mail servers connected to the Internet running twenty-four hours a day. The expense of this is usually prohibitive for small to mid size companies and why they rely on companies such as AIC for their hosting needs.

While these services are available separately, AIC as well as most ISPs provide all of these services in a standard web site package. If you need a web site or are looking to host an existing web site, you'll want to visit our Web Hosting section where you can find a web plan which contains the right combination of these services. If, however, you are looking just for DNS or E-mail hosting, you can visit either of these respective areas for information on obtaining these services separately.