Database Integration
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Database integration is a way of making conventional databases available through the web. Conventional databases such as Access and FoxPro have often been used for keeping track of inventories, products, and prices. With the growth of the web, there are now several options for putting these conventional databases on the web and allowing visitors to view, search, and even update them.

The most common application is putting a catalog of products and prices on the web for online ordering. Without a database, a separate page for each product would be required and an index maintained for all the distinct product pages. This is not only time consuming to build but requires continual maintenance as the product line changes. By utilizing a database, only the data needs to change and the online system automatically populates the pages with fresh information.

Another common application is to hold customer information. Many sites require registration in order to gain access to information or services. This registration process collects a visitors information and stores it into a database. By allowing customers to register online in this manner, a business can easily build a customer database with minimal effort.

Atlanta Internet Consulting is experienced in providing database integration ranging from simple web applications to sophisticated order entry and tracking systems. If you would like to learn more about database integration with the web and how it can benefit your business, please contact us for more information.